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 Hatori, Yayoi

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PostSubject: Hatori, Yayoi   Fri Oct 29, 2010 5:25 pm

Basic Information:
Name: Yayoi Hatori
Age: 16
Financial Ranking: Middle
Guardian(s): Mother
Guardian(s) Business: hair stylist
Other family members: none

Hair: braided, ribbons, long, any hair style, brown, white, black hair color
Eyes: brown
Height: 5'9
Nationality: Japanese, bubbly.

Likes: styling hair, dressing up, love stories, skulls(?)
Dislikes: being alone, mom going bye bye
Fears: all alone, aliens
Talent: singing,
Past/History: Her dad left her and mama when she was 4 years old and got along fine with her mom.
Other: hopes to find love!
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Hatori, Yayoi
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