Cross Academy. An academy with a dark secret.
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 Lady Raven(DONE)

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Lady Raven

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PostSubject: Lady Raven(DONE)   Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:07 pm

Basic Information:
Name: Lady Raven
Nickname: Ravvy
Age: 158
Race: Vampire
Financial Ranking: Millionaire
Guardian(s): None
Guardian(s) Business: None
Other family members: Mother; Lady Mary Asvaldr Father; Lord Ville Asvaldr


Hair: Knee length ebony hair
Eyes: Dark purple
Height: 5"7
Other: Has tattoo sleeves on both arms.
Nationality: English

Likes: Kaname, other Purebloods, water, drinking blood.
Dislikes: Blood tablets, disregaurd for the rules, rouge vamps, Yuuki
Fears: Losing, Her family being killed, Vampire Hunters
Talent: Can control Earth and Fire at will.
Past/History: Raven was born in the early 20th centuary. She was born at Devonshire Manor in England. Her family were a peaceful group of Vampires until their house was attacked by Hunters. In order to save Raven, Mary fled to Japan. She settled with some friends there. Ville had promised to come to them when the house was saved. He never did show up.

For the better part of a centuary, Raven had a hatred towards Vampire Hunters. She heard about this school that took in Vampires called Cross Academy. She enrolled in the hoping of one day, Vampires and humas alike can live in harmony.

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Lady Raven(DONE)
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