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 Nacht, Kurohyou

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Kurohyou Nacht


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PostSubject: Nacht, Kurohyou   Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:42 am

Basic Information:
Name: Kurohyou Nacht
Nickname: ankoku no ouji “Prince of Darkness”
Age: 19
Race: Human
Financial Ranking: High Class (Rich)
Guardian(s): Mother, Jasmine (Actress)
Guardian(s) Business: Owner of a well known Dojo. (Is the sensei over it)
Other family members: N/A

Hair: Black
Eyes: Deep Violet Purple
Height: 6'4
Other: Natural short hair, fairly cut. Wears a long well made wig. Wears his very own style of clothing for his uniform to school, being very skinny he can pretty much wear anything not at all minding if its heavy like a kimono or a suit.
Nationality: 1/2 Japanese 1/2 German

Likes: Coffee, Tea, Books of almost all kinds, Cooked Vegetables and rice meals, Working out and or Jogging as well as Playing sports and mind games like checkers and chess, and everything else is in between.
Dislikes: Animals mostly Snakes, Insects of all kinds mostly Spiders, Jerks/ Bullies, and Childish people.
Fears: Losing people who are close to him. Death and being betrayed by someone he trusts.
Talent: Cooking, Flexible, Smart, Strong to hand to hand combat but will use only as a defense, Brewing tea and making medicine, and the rest is everything in between.
Past/History: Traveling along the states for sometime, Kurohyou never really knew his dad for he left his mother and him when he was just a infant. Going to Germany that was how he had received his last name "Nacht" meaning "Night" in german for he was mostly active in the night time, some believed he was a Vampire but due to his curiousity as a child wouldn't sleep at all. Kurohyou was received due to how black in appearance he looks. In Japanese it means "Black Panther" and becoming a young adult he really plays out like his nickname being a "Prince of Darkness" for he almost acts like a prince. Being the head of a Dojo when moving into Japan it gave him a lot of money to enroll in the school of his choosing. Coming here to Cross, he hardly knows about Vampires and oddly enough he wants to keep it that way.
Other: His personality is very mature in a steel like fashion, he's also caring and tends to be there for others which he knows. He is what many people call known as a silent client for he hardly speaks. His manners as well as his up-bringing has caused him to be this way. He will not however open up to anyone unless they show potential, Other than his hard core personality he is some what strict and can be gentle and kind but only when his day starts out good. He is also calm and will be seen reading books all the time or sight-seeing. Another reason for why he hardly sleeps is cause he loves the stars and once he sees them will tend to stare at them. More about him is uncertain to why he does the things he does, the reason why he wears a wig is cause he doesn't want anyone to see his short hair.

But funny enough he has gotten better over it and will only wear the wig when he is alone or he feels the need too. Strangely it looks as if it is his real hair, the many kimonos he has recieved from his mother and has come to cherish them.

He tends to wear a kimono when he wears his wig for it seems natural. His mother being an actress tends to never contact him and only will do so by mailing him cards. Some of his doctors say he is also depressed do to him not being with his mother for sometime and has placed him on medication for this. Another thing to add, he lives mainly by himself and sadly enough he likes it that way. Due to his fear of betrayal or heart break he keeps mostly to himself but may open up over time. A given fact about him, is that he hasn't slept for 12 years straight and oddly it does not bother him, when he does sleep which is rare he seems more like in a dormant state than sleep and will remain this way for a very long time. More about him will be shown later.

(>.> Believe it or not I found this site completely by accident while browsing. ^^ I played as Kyoya on Ouran and well guess what....KEVIN is HeRe!?! XD lol. Not like anyone cares? XP (Even though I kid? xD)
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PostSubject: Re: Nacht, Kurohyou   Sat Jan 08, 2011 2:25 am

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Nacht, Kurohyou
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