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 Alice R. Moon

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PostSubject: Alice R. Moon   Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:34 pm

Name: Alice R. Moon
Nickname: Alice
Age: 17
Race: Vampire
Financial Ranking: Rich
Guardian(s): Only dad
Guardian(s) Business: Doctor
Other family members: Only my 2 cats Cheshire, and Scourge

Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue but night comes thay turn red
Height: 5'9
Other: Appears to be a nice loving girl but she is a coled hearted person
Nationality: England

Likes: Her to cats Cheshire and Scourge, dogs, and many more things to come
Fears: Has the bigiest fear of spiders
Talent: Pickpocket, Theif, cooking, backing, can solve amost any problem, a master with guns, nautral singer, painter, and a sceientist
Past/History: When Alice was 13 she was talking with friends just walking around at night just saying stuff and what not then her friend needed to go the bathroom real quick Alice said "ok i'l be right here"...some guy came up to her asking her if she knew what way to the train stating is she told him, Then he grabed her arm and put his hand in her waist she he then bit her neck when her friend came back she say him she screemed the guy ran off while laying on the ground.....with blood red eyes.....i was a terrible site.
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Alice R. Moon
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