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 Dylain and Marylyn Azuria

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PostSubject: Dylain and Marylyn Azuria   Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:34 pm

Basic Information:
Name: Dylain Azuria/ Marlyn Azuria
Nickname: Dy/ Mary
Age: 17
Race: Neko
Financial Ranking: High
Guardian(s): Adopted abusive father.
Guardian(s) Business: Talk-show host. Not very popular, but enough to get money.
Other family members: None.

Hair: Dylain's hair is a whitish blue, goes down to her shoulders. Marylyn's is dark blue and always in a ponytail.
Eyes: Dylain's eyes are a deep green. Marylyn's are violet.
Height: 5"4'
Other: Neko: Dylain has blueish-white ears, whereas Marylyn has dark blue ears.Both wear bandages around their head to hide the neko ears. (Will eventually give up on hiding it since a certain amount of people find out.) They are somehow able to make their tails appear and disappear out of thin air.
Nationality: American, but they're fluent in Japanese.

Likes: Dylain likes isolation. Marylyn likes being silent, but stays with a small crowd. They both love being rebels.
Dislikes: Dylain hates other people. Marlyn hates being AWAY from other people. They hate obeying the rules.
Fears: Their father.
Talent: They don't ever do it, but they're double-jointed and therefor contortionists. They can also kind of read someone's mind by staring really hard into their eyes but they don't do it often, and when they do, it's on accident. They're also good singers, but Dylain never does it, even around her sister, only in private where nobody can hear her. Marylyn, however, LOVES singing.
Past/History: They never talk about it.
Other: They tend to speak with a VERY slurred accent most of the time, so it's hard to understand them. I guess it's a country accent, or how they talk in Boston? "I'll pahk the cah in the pahkin' garaje." Lol. Well they are American, so it would make sense Razz They're both also very clumsy.

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PostSubject: Re: Dylain and Marylyn Azuria   Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:34 pm

Alright! Have Fun.

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Dylain and Marylyn Azuria
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