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 Magii Massmori

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Magii Massmori


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PostSubject: Magii Massmori   Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:15 am

Basic Information

Name: Magii Massmori

Nickname: Magii-Chan

Age: 17

Race: (Vampire or human only at the moment UNLESS you have special permission) Human

Financial Ranking: Low

Guardian(s): Step Mother-Nina Massmori

Guardian(s) Business: Tea Store owned by her step family

Other family members: Step Mother- Nina Massmori, Step Father- Jin Massmori Step Brother- Kenji Massmori


Hair: Past her shoulder in brown and straight with bangs style

Eyes: Jade green

Height: 4’9”

Other: (Does your character Wear glasses, is not human?, something else? State it here!) She is adopted and does not know her real family or real name.

Nationality: ½ French, ½ Italian


Likes: Her Tarot cards she loves tell people their fortunes, writing music and singing , Dancing in the rain, talking night walks, fruit, playing her guitar, outgoing and open minded people, she loves to live in the moment, Aido(but not a fan girl)

Dislikes: Mean. Closed minded people, people who think they are better them everyone else, studying, being in class, because she is a free-spirit and lazy people load fan girls and fan girls

Fears: Spiders and Zero (he just scars her she does not know why) But most of all her true past.

Talent: Tarot cards and playing her guitar

Past/History: Magii woke up in the hospital when she was 6 in Rome, she does not remember anything before that, even her real name. She was hit on the head really hard, she was told that her father and mother where dead but was did not know them there for she was not sad, but her not being sad made her sad. After she was better she was sent to Pairs to go to a boarding school but she would always act out and always get in trouble at school and the orphanage. When she was 10 was adopted but Nina and Jin when they were in Pairs for a vacation, they thought her out going and sweet character was cute so they took her back with them, and would still act out because in school she was made fun off, so when she was old enough she was sent to Cross Academy, where she calm down a little but she acts out because she fell if she does not that she will be treated different like she always has and because she is too scared to know about her past.

Other: She really likes Aido but hinds it, like she does a lot of her felling like her fear and her real mom and dad were killed by a high level vampire but she does not remember that.(yet lol)

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PostSubject: Re: Magii Massmori   Fri Aug 06, 2010 5:23 pm


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Magii Massmori
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