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 Kairi Blue

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PostSubject: Kairi Blue   Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:00 am

Basic Information:
Name: Kairi Blue
Age: 16
Race: Human
Financial Ranking: Middle
Guardian(s): Father
Guardian(s) Business:
Other family members: None

Hair: Blond hair,most of the time held high
Eyes: very dark blue almost black
Height: 6'1''
Nationality: Japanese

Likes: Writting,music,playing pranks,having fun her own way,kind of crazy an likes it that way,battles with sword
Dislikes: people being bullied
Fears: frogs
Talent: very good with sword
Past/History: When she was little she always played mostly with boys and that's why she has a little bit of a temper.She loved being with fer friends.Most of the girls she knew called her freak and others like that because she played soccer or was always covered in mud.She has broken her left arm three times so it is weaker than the right and that's her weak spot.
Other:She can be moody,shy at first but when you get to know her you can find she is a bit crazy in a good way (maybe?) .
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PostSubject: Re: Kairi Blue   Fri Aug 06, 2010 5:32 pm


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Kairi Blue
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